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« Confide your shadow side to Me. 

I am your guide in exploring your kinky nature and I welcome you without prejudice. »

Dominatrix Lausanne

Feel the Power of Domination

Dominatrix Lausanne

Dominatrix Lausanne - Geneva

BDSM and Fetish Sessions

Mistress Severna

I am a person you may see at any moment of the day outside, at the café, library, gym, at work...
I may even turn out to be your neighbour.  I am your Next Door Dominatrix.

Lady with a perfect body and an inquisitive mind, I naturally enjoy giving orders and being well served.
Being a perfectionist and meticulous, I demand high respect, total obedience and strict discipline from my slaves. 

Coming from a background of Architecture and Teaching, I value My time, so My hobby hour as Dominatrix is more expensive than My working hour, and it is My slaves who pay it, naturally.

My session is not just a set of kinky practices. I create an Experience to give you the Emotion.


Don't be afraid, you are in My hands, let go and surrender completely. I am here to take full charge of you, physically and psychically.


Allow yourself to finally open up and embrace your kinky nature in a safe and consensual setting with Me.

How it works

dominatrix geneva

For in-person BDSM and Fetish sessions, I meet with my slaves in hotels of Lausanne and Geneva region (minimum 4*) or in private dungeons. Farther locations, including abroad, as well as online sessions, are to be discussed individually.


To start with, kindly fill in the Application Form on the Contact page.


After that, I will contact you by email to schedule an Introduction Interview (online or in person). Don't forget to check your spam inbox in case My reply gets lost.


I value my slaves, and it is My primary concern that you have a completely tailor-made experience during My session in a safe and consensual way, therefore, the Introduction Interview mandatory for all new submissives.

The Interview’s objective is to discuss your kinks, needs and limits as a submissive, as well as to fix the session date. The Interview time is tributed, and this amount will be deducted from the price of your first session.


Please note that due to the high level of creative personalisation that I apply to My each and every session, no same-day Interview and Session is possible.


After the session date has been fixed, I demand the amount of 1 (one) hour upfront payment to be settled 48 hours before the session for any new or returning submissive. Prepayment is the guarantee of your serious intentions.


I may also grant you a possibility of session plus dining/ shopping with Me. It goes without saying that everyone who goes for this option, pays for My time, My dining and My shopping.


If you are willing to serve Me and please Me with devotion, don’t waste My time and carefully read and follow the instructions below.

My interests

dominatrix lausanne
  • ​Sensation play

  • Impact play: spanking, flogging, paddling, caning

  • Temperature play (wax & ice)

  • Fetish play (leather, latex, PVC, stockings and pantyhose)

  • Foot fetish and adoration

  • Boot fetish and adoration

  • Human furniture 

  • Feminization

  • Maid / servant play

  • Goddess adoration 

  • Bondage 

  • Humiliation, including in public places (during shopping- and restaurant-time)

  • Trampling

  • Age play

  • Pet play

  • Face & body spitting

  • Face slaps​

  • Face sitting (dressed)

  • JOI (jerk-off instructions)

  • CEI (cum eating instructions)

  • Golden shower / Water sports​

  • Financial Domination



dominatrix geneva
  • Flirt and any sexual activity (intercourse, oral sex, handjob) 

  • You cannot touch me unless I ask you to (e.g. foot massage)

  • I do not touch the genitals​

  • Blood and vomit practices

  • Scat play

Application process

dominatrix lausanne

So, you are willing to serve Your Mistress Severna with devotion and please Me in any way I want to? 


These are instructions for you to follow strictly:

Carefully read all the information on My website, especially Submission Etiquette section. You can check My sessions and tributes here > > >

Fill in the Application Form and describe how you want to serve Me.

If your application is successful and My practices are compatible with your interests, I will reply to you within a week. Check your spam inbox in case My reply gets lost.


After that we will fix the Introduction Interview date in order to discuss the details of the upcoming session during a prior personal meeting or online. You will receive the payment method as well. Note that I require a minimum 48 hours notice before any session. No same-day sessions are possible. I value my time, and I will not change my plans  because it is convenient for a slave.

Want a sooner reply?

dominatrix geneva

Spoil Me!

Sending Me a gift will not only increase your chances of a successful application, but also of getting a sooner reply from Me.


There are several ways you can show your devotion by gifting Me the following:


  • Leather & latex outfits

  • High heels

  • Gym outfits

  • Massage & spa gift certificates

  • Department store gift card (Bongenie, Globus and Manor)

  • Luxury skincare products

  • High quality tea

  • Beautiful books

  • Stylish jewelry

  • Good perfume

  • Bill payments (gym, phone, subscription and online courses) 

If you wish to make Me even more happy, you are welcome to check My Wishlists here > > >


I do not waste my time, so your tribute is the best proof of your serious intentions.

Cancellation policy

dominatrix lausanne

Once you have made the prepayment, if you cannot attend your appointment, it will not be transferred to another date or refunded.


Do not book an appointment unless you are certain you can attend. 

Submit your application

dominatrix geneva

You are allowed to submit your application only after having carefully read the Submission Etiquette and all the above information on this page.

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