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Dominatrix Lausanne - Geneva

BDSM and Fetish Sessions

Welcome to Mistress Severna’s captivating realm of BDSM and Fetish, where your deepest desires come to life through My extraordinary photo gallery. Indulge yourself as you embark on a visual journey, immersing in a diverse array of fetish outfits and BDSM practices that will ignite your passions and spark your imagination.

Witness Me adorned in exquisite leather ensembles, shiny vinyl and latex outfits, showcasing the art of timeless elegance, refined style, and sophistication. Each image captured is a testament to the celebration of hedonistic pleasure, offering a glimpse into a world where your fantasies come alive. This gallery is your gateway into an unforgettable adventure of Dominance, submission, and exquisite fetish exploration.

Don't be scared...

...don’t be shy, just be what you have always dreamt to be. I will drive you, guide you, and hold your hand at every step of your experience. I will place you in a bubble of safety and confidence that will allow you to progressively leave all your inhibitions, fears and prejudices behind. I will welcome you with no judgement but with deep understanding. You will reveal and celebrate your true self whatever it is.


Join Me as I invite you to embrace your desires and explore the boundaries of pleasure, in an immersive BDSM and fetish experience that promises to leave a lasting impression. 

Ready to start a thrilling journey of unlocking your dark side with Me? Apply and book your session by clicking on the button below > > >

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