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Submission etiquette

dominatrix geneva

Dominatrix Lausanne - Geneva

BDSM and Fetish Sessions

Domina Lausanne

The success of the session is directly based on the fact that you strictly stick to the following rules:

General guidelines

  • For sessions, I meet with my slaves in hotels of Lausanne and Geneva region (minimum 4*) or in private dungeons. Farther locations, including abroad, as well as online sessions, are to be discussed individually.

  • First impressions are everything: when you arrive at the session, be on time. 

  • Welcome Your Mistress by being neatly dressed, well groomed, and sober. Take an additional shower at the place to make sure.

  • Safety is in the first place: inform Me of any health conditions, such as panic attacks, diabetes, asthma, epilepsy, cardiovascular diseases before the session.

  • I appreciate when slaves bring Me presents and signs of attention to the session. If you wish to make Me even more happy, check out My Wishlist here > > >

Consent guidelines

​During the session, a slave consensually agrees to relinquish control and surrender and submit to the direction and guidance of the Mistress. That means:

  • Listen to Your Mistress and do whatever I tell you to do.

  • Clearly answer my questions.

  • Do your best to serve Your Mistress and please Me with devotion.

  • Give feedback when asked to by the Mistress, during and after the session. I will ask you as well to give a written feedback the day following the session. 

  • Be polite and respectful.


Any session where the following rules are not respected will be immediately stopped with no possibility of refund:

  • A slave must be sober. No drug use. No alcohol abuse. No smoking. No vaping. 

  • Brats & toppers from the bottom are not welcome. 

Booking guidelines

I require a minimum 48 hours notice before any session. No same-day sessions are possible. I value My time, and I will not change My plans  because it is convenient for a slave.

After the session date has been fixed, I demand the amount of 1 (one) hour upfront payment to be settled 48 hours before the session for any new or returning submissive. Prepayment is the guarantee of your serious intentions. You can check My tribute here > > >

Do not waste my time trying to bargain the price. No discounts will be provided. If you do not have the necessary amount to settle, save up and contact me later.

I may also grant you a possibility of session plus dining/ shopping with Me. It goes without saying that everyone who goes for this option, pays for My time, My dining and My shopping.


My terms are non negotiable. If you try to negotiate My terms in any way, you will not receive a reply and you will be permanently blacklisted. If you are not comfortable with My terms, don’t apply.

Privacy & confidentiality

The sensitive data transmitted to Mistress Severna during the application process (telephone number, email address, photo, health data etc.) will only be saved for the purpose of preparation for BDSM treatment. Transfer to third parties is excluded.


Revocation and deletion of the data is possible at any moment by contacting Mistress Severna by email (communicated to you during your application process). A confirmation of the deletion will be sent afterwards.

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